Beginning Knitting Patterns...Just learning or relearning knitting? Start with these free and easy knit patterns!

Start with these easy/beginner knit patterns and you'll be on your way to the best addiction ever! If you need help with a stitch just click into the YouTube tutorials and pick the stitch you need demonstrated.

Scarves are great to start can make them long, short, skinny or fat. If you mess up reading the pattern, it's pretty easy to fake up the result. Click on the pic for free pattern. Go for it already!

Super Long Ribbed Scarf by Knitting Pretty (the website is pretty too!)

Ok, this egg uses double pointed needles BUT the instructions from The Purl Bee are very clear and accompanied by large take it to the next level-you can do it!

Ah dishcloths, a standard first project with knitting teachers everywhere. They are also so portable that you can kill time in waiting rooms and sport events without lugging your stash and pattern books everywhere! Get going!

Dishcloths are a great way to learn knitting

Hats take a little more concentration but not much. Knock off a few of these and you'll be designing your own in no time. Click on the hat for the free knitting pattern.

an easy basic childrens cap to knit for your little one