From Russia With Love (and purls and grafting...)

Here are a few interesting videos of Russian knitting and crochet techniques. Many of these are done by "ashcliffe" on YouTube and you can visit at Ashcliffe's Channel. to see more great videos.

Additionally, here is some fun history (well not so fun for the internees at the time, I'm sure) about how the Russians passed along their art of knitting to Chinese caravan men in 1926:

"After the White Russians' defeat in the Civil War, many units retreated into China's Xinjiang and were interned there. As China was about to descend into a civil war of its own, the Russian internees were transported by camel caravans to Eastern China. According to Owen Lattimore, it was then that they passed on the art of knitting to the Chinese caravan men, who had ready supply of camel hair from their animals. In 1926, Lattimore was able to observe camel-pullers "knitting on the march; if they ran out of yarn, they would reach back to the first camel of the file they were leading, pluck a handful of hair from the neck, and roll it in their palms into the beginning of a length of yarn; a weight was attached to this, and given a twist to start it spinning, and the man went on feeding wool into the thread until he had spun enough yarn to continue his knitting". This way the camel men not only provided themselves with warm camel-hair socks, but were able to make knitwear for sale as well."

Read more at Wikipedia.