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Amigurumi definitely isn't the most difficult of crafts. But like anything, it might be quite difficult to get started. Should you first learn the basic stitches? Or should you dive in and try to knit your own model of the Titanic? In this article we aim to give you all the tools you need to get started with amigurumi.

Most amigurumi consists of a few basic stitches. While these are easy to learn you will soon notice that mastering them isn't that obvious. This is why we would strongly recommend you to start of with repeating the basic stitches one for one. This way you will learn quick and will reap the benefits pretty soon.

In the very beginning you should start of with a chain. The chain is uncomplicated and will teach you how you should hold your crochet hook and yarn. You will soon discover that it is not difficult and that you can pick up some speed.

After the basic chain it is time for the single stitch. With this stitch you can make a basic quilt. You just start of with a chain of your desired length and then switch around to go for single stitches. The single stitch is the most elementary stitch in amigurumi and one that you should really master. Create some basic quilts in one color and you should be fine to go to the next step.

The next step are the increasing and decreasing stitches. This basically means that you either make one stitch out of two stitches (decreasing) or the other way round (increasing). By doing this in a round you can create your first ball.

And from your first ball, it is just a small step to create your first amigurumi doll. When you perfect the art of changing yarn (to change colours), stuffing the amigurumi and knitting on the extras (such as eyes), you will be ready for the most difficult of amigurumi patterns.

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